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By Trevor Wood on 15/02/2017 at 11:42

This is a message for Barry Metcalfe - or anyone else who can help me

Hi - I've been given Barry's name and this website by the Three Ways Hotel when I made a plea for help - I'm 70 and writing a book about my life and the times I grew up in as a legacy for my five children and nine grandchildren - my mother was born in the Butchers Pub in Mickleton and I visited her relations the Grinnal family much through my infant and teenage years - I would be very grateful if you could send a few photos of the village for inclusion in my book - and perhaps if you could also send me a photo of the house called The Cedars being a large 4 bed house where my grandfathers family lived - which would mean a great deal to me - its just up the lane on the left past Hoggins - if I remember right at the top of the lane is the Church & cemeterary and the fields to a place called Ciffs Gate? - I do hope you can help me as I'm now to old to travel much - many many thanks - Trevor Wood

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