This section of the site includes memories of characters of the past, and not so distant past! Have you any tales to add?

Page link: A Recent Resident
A Recent Resident
What Mickleton means to me
Page link: Farley family
Farley family
family tree
Page link: Five a Day in Mickleton
Five a Day in Mickleton
Circa 1958 - 64
Page link: Happy Memories
Happy Memories
Do you remember?
Page link: Just an old piece of wood
Just an old piece of wood
Information on the Leach, Lissaman and Grinnall families in Mickleton.
Page link: Memory Lane
Memory Lane
The mobile shops and tradesmen
Page link: Mickleton Garage
Mickleton Garage
Page link: Mickleton to Birmingham
Mickleton to Birmingham
A chicken goes for a ride
Page link: More Village Rambles
More Village Rambles
Sweet shops and ice-cream!
Page link: Old Shops and Village Rambles
Old Shops and Village Rambles
Shops and characters to remember
Page link: Queen Mary visits Medford House
Queen Mary visits Medford House
Memories of the visit from John Kinchin
Page link: Sam Margetts
Sam Margetts
The story behind the photograph.
Page link: The Brain Family
The Brain Family
A Family Search
Page link: The Meon Singers
The Meon Singers
Our Village Choir
Page link: The Sweet Shop
The Sweet Shop
A visit to Mrs Timmins
Page link: Victor-Joseph De Martelaere
Victor-Joseph De Martelaere
Why a WW1 Belgian soldier is buried in Mickleton churchyard
Page link: Vine Cottage
Vine Cottage
Clarice Tracey circa 1937 to 1960's